The UNC Print + Art Sale was started in 2006 and has been both known and unknown throughout the years. At last year’s sale, our 10th anniversary, we broke all previous known sales records and artist sign-ups. In 2016, we had 23 undergraduate artists participate in the sale and produced over $5,000 in profits. And the best part? 90% of each individual artist’s profits is theirs to keep.

How is this possible?
This event is very unique. There is no formal faculty adviser or a focused student organization that organizes the event. The Print + Art Sale is a mostly undergraduate student organized event. It would be impossible without the help of dedicated faculty and professors that assist with the sale. It is because this event is student ran that we can keep the costs of running it minimal ($0.00, 11 years in a row!) and let the artists keep 90% of their profits. With the proper preparation and check-ins with the UNC Art Department, we can reserve the John C. Henry Print Studio for a day to conduct the sale.

So where is that 10% going to?
The remaining 10% of all artists’ profits is funneled back into the
UNC Art Department to maintain the legal integrity of the sale. In fact, in order to process the various payments that we receive during the sale, the UNC Sample Gallery (previously known as the UNC Studio Art Majors Association or SAMA) aids the UNC Print+Art Sale managers with the banking. As a way to thank the organization for being the other main support to the sale, this 10% is given back to them.

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